Every harvest guaranteed

Terrisa is a trusted premium imported fresh fruit distribution company that specializes in serving prestigious accounts in Vietnam since 2000. For more than 20 years we have been constantly striving to raise the gold standard in quality of service and client satisfaction for chefs and kitchens in the region.

We celebrate our customers’ ambition to seek the finest ingredients by working with our world class farms and fresh produce suppliers to guarantee that only the best fresh produce is picked, packaged and delivered every day.

We cultivate our customers’ success by improving our logistical processes to become more efficient and less expensive for them. As a local, independently owned and operated business, we are committed every day to ensure these standards are upheld.

We empower our Customers by adopting technological tools that facilitate their ordering process, their billing and their overall timely communication with our Company.


We focus on the details

Our operation is highly insured, fully bonded, and carries all licenses required by the Government, unlike smaller distributors. In addition, we keep improving to ensure that our food safety program continues to be flawless and effective, and that we maintain exceptional operating practices.

Our commitment to food safety, quality, and availability takes precedence. We work with international brands to guarantee that our fruit freshness & safety standards are upheld. Moreover, our warehouse operators and drivers have extensive experience handling produce.

You can be sure that we source from GFS farms all of the products included in our portfolio that are being harvested anywhere. Purchasing best fruits in-season provides great benefits to the consumer, growers, and especially- our environment.


We care about mother nature

At Terrisa, we understand the importance of promoting food and agriculture sustainability.

Many things set Terrisa apart from other distributors, but one of the most important differences is our total commitment to every harvest guaranteed. Each brand that Terrisa chose to partner with GFSI certified.

Our teams work very closely with international farms around the word, making sure the products they send us - and how we handle those products within our warehouse - exceed governmental food safety regulatory standards. Our staff is diligently trained in safe handling, storing and shipping practices and procedures so that the produce you receive from Terrisa is safe and fresh!